Get to know the Red Dragon


We have been taking groups and individuals on intimate, insider tours of China for more than 10 years.  Every day, this fascinating and complex nation is more and more in the news as a rising power with a complicated and critical relationship with the United States.  It has perhaps never been more important to understand the cultural, political, economic, and scientific ambitions rippling throughout the world’s most populous nation, together with their historic context.  Recently, we partnered with Beijing Tourism to offer even more insider access, local contacts, and special, interactive experiences for our travelers.  As always, all of our trips are customized on the interests and needs of our travelers, no matter the size of your group, and no two trips are the same.  To inquire on a program or design your own unforgettable, insider experience in China, please write to



Some of our most popular themes:

Insider China
Special Access through Beijing, Shanghai, and other select cities
STEM China
The Future of Genetics and AI
Chinese Medicine and Healing Practices
The Legacy of the Panda
Environment and Animals in China


Behind the Trade Scenes
Industry and the Global Supply Chain
Adventure China
From Golf to the Great Wall

Far East Firsthand
Bring the sophisticated brushwork of Chinese culture to your fingertips for a cultivated understanding of this influential world power

Annals of Chinese History
Discern your Xia from your Qing as you walk in the steps of emperors, learning over 3,000 years of dynastic history

Fan Artistic Curiosity
View immaculate works by ancient masters and modern artisans, and roam famed gardens and temples—muses for calligraphers, poets, sculptors and painters for centuries