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We travel to Cuba more than anywhere else on the planet, with consistently rave reviews for our innovative people-to-people programming and exceptional contacts in the country. We have the approval of the U.S. government to lead such customized, cultural exchanges, and work with the best local guides and institutional partners to deliver unparalleled programs. While we can tailor any trip, we have a particular focus on university alumni associations, young professionals, and museum and art groups.

  • Artistic Inspiration. Discover Cuba’s sophisticated art traditions during visits with artists in their homes and studios.
  • Move to the Sounds of Cuba. Feel the complex rhythms of Cuban music, from son to rumba and jazz, and internalize these uniquely-Cuban music styles through performances and dance lessons.
  • Preserving a Culture. Explore World Heritage sites and learn about Cuba’s passion for preservation from the very leaders whose efforts are maintaining their architectural and natural heritage.
  • Build Relationships. Meeting with both U.S and Cuban officials in Havana to discuss the ever-evolving relationship between these two neighbors.

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  • Bewildering Landscapes.  Cruise between the South Shetland Islands and the western coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, sailing along ice-filled fjords and among passageways of glacial blue icebergs. Keep your eyes peeled for ice mirages and solar halos.
  • Premier Wildlife Sightings.  Visit this exotic destination during the most active wildlife season, ripe for some of the best pictures and memories of a lifetime.
  • The Polar Circle in Comfort.  Fly over the notoriously stormy waters of the Drake Passage in comfort, saving two days of typical cruising time, and then transfer to our luxe vessel, host to a fleet of Zodiac boats and kayaks from which we’ll explore hard-to-reach places.

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  • Abundant Rainbow.  From the more temperate southern tip in Melbourne to the tropical Great Barrier Reef; from urban Sydney to the remote Outback of Uluru; from expansive ocean shore to dense rainforest: you’ll get a comprehensive overview of the globe’s smallest continent.
  • White Sand & Turquoise Surf. Famously revered for surfing, you’ll enjoy the Tropical North—a shift in perspective for our Northern Hemisphere travelers. Relax on pristine beaches while glistening waves wash the sand at your serene resort.
  • Phenomenal Panoramas.  Floating in the Sydney Harbor, gaze from Luna Park—Sydney’s vintage amusement park in the heart of downtown—to the iconic Sydney Opera House, a perfect place for iconic photography and unparalleled memories.

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  • National Festivals.  At each celebration, you’ll see traditional religious and tantric dance performances and rejoice, pray, and receive blessings for the year ahead.
  • Spiritual Practice.  Raise peace flags on the Dochula Pass, meet with Buddhist spiritual leaders, and take in the evening chants at historic temples.
  • Optional Extension to Nepal.  In these four extra days of exploration, you’ll see Mount Everest from the air (if you dare), visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites, temples, and royal squares in Kathmandu, and learn about how this ancient country continues to rebuild and transform after the 2015 earthquake.

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  • Childhood Dreams Come True. This family-friendly adventure will awaken the wonder in travelers young and old. From getting face-to-face with storybook beasts to sleeping under a blanket of stars, this trip is sure to please.
  • Spectacular Vistas. Floating down the Chobe River, peer out at cliffside overlooks onto the grassy plains. Amble across otherworldly salt pans. In Botswana you hold the keys to building family memories with incredible backdrops.
  • Eco-Luxury. Over one third of Botswana’s land is dedicated to conservation. This country has spent two generations building eco-friendly accommodations that infuse nature into every element of the five-star experience.

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  • Far East Firsthand. Bring the sophisticated brushwork of Chinese culture to your fingertips for a cultivated understanding of this influential world power.
  • Annals of Chinese History. Discern your Xia from your Qing as you walk in the steps of emperors, learning over 3,000 years of China’s dynastic past.
  • Fan Artistic Curiosity. View immaculate works by ancient masters and modern artisans, and roam the famed gardens and temples that have served as muses for calligraphers, poets, sculptors and painters for centuries.

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  • Community and Culture.  From gulaš to Zagorski Štrukli and Nikolai Tesla and narodna nošnja, be immersed in all this new nation has to offer.
  • Crossroads culture.  After spending centuries as part of other Empires—Greek, Roman, Venetian, and Austro-Hungarian— Croatia boasts an eclectic mix of Eastern European, Mediterranean, and Turkish cultures, evident in their cuisine, architecture and art.

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  • Ancient Enigmas.  Unravel the puzzles of Egyptian ancestors and their art at the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx of Giza, and myriad Temples in Luxor, Aswan and Abu Simbel.
  • Cultural Exploration.  Meet local contemporary artists and explore the hieroglyphics, relics and sepulchral accoutrements of this bygone civilization.
  • Exclusive Entrée.  Gain privileged access to Queen Nefertiti’s Tomb, dine inside the ruins of Medinat Habu Temple and soar above the complexes in a private morning hot air balloon ride.

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  • 3,000 Years of History. For thousands of years, the never-colonized Ethiopia has been a powerhouse in Africa—with its own complex written language and numeric signifiers. From Biblical reference to the lands of Cush to some of the earliest churches in Christendom, discover the rich and unique history of this crossroads of cultures.
  • Emperors and Queens. The monarchs of Ethiopia traced their heritage back to King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, though the last emperor was deposed in the 1970s, this historical influence of royals has left an indelible mark on the nation.

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  • Diverse Perspectives. Understand this pivotal moment in American history when the nation was divided from the perspectives of combatants, civilians, and contraband—as newly freed enslaved peoples would be called at the time— who were all impacted by the war at their doorsteps.
  • Historical Context.  With expert guidance and interpretation from historians and park rangers, gain an in-depth perspective on the War to Preserve the Union.
  • Exclusive Access.  Delve into the archives & vault at the National Museum of The Civil War, and enjoy a private tour of the Shriver House depicting the civilian perspective.

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  • Community and Conservation.  Engage in discussions on Icelandic conservation with a local nonprofit and sustainability experts living in the planet’s northernmost capital city. Learn why Iceland is one of the world’s most peaceful countries, including their role in international peace summits and how they inherited a part of the Berlin Wall.
  • Eye-Popping Landscapes.  Iceland is, quite literally, a country in the making. Its ever-evolving landscape is replete with volcanoes, geysers, mud pots, and hot springs. Iceland also offers front-row seats to the aurora borealis, which we’ll hunt for each night of our trip.
  • Viking Culture and Relaxation.  Iceland’s history was forged by Vikings. On our journey, you will learn about their traditions while enjoying Iceland’s famously delicious coffee and chocolate. Once your belly is full (fermented shark, anyone?), you will also melt away stress at blue hot springs, saunas, and steam rooms.

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  • Delhi Delights.  Get to know Delhi from the eyes of the people who grew up there. We’ll work with an organization that empowers young people to tell their own stories as they give tours of their neighborhood and practice their English with eager travelers.
  • Mughal Marvels.  From Humayun’s Tomb to the Taj Mahal, the Mughals—Northern India’s rulers from the 16th century until the British Raj—have left an indelible architectural legacy of which world wonders are made.
  • Bustling Bombay.  We’ll immerse ourselves in the heart of Mumbai, formerly Bombay, exploring the industries that make the city tick—from an exclusive movie studio tour to the din of 20 tons of fish being auctioned: you’ll see it all.

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  • Literature and Music.  Ireland is known for sharing its gifts of culture, literature and music with the world. Experience first-hand the Celtic drum, see the literary haunts of Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw, and indulge in the iconic Irish breakfast.
  • Emerald Fields and Stunning Sites.  Climb the natural stone steps of Giant’s Causeway, take in the magical Ring of Kerry, and admire the verdant inland and desolate outer islands that make up this legendary land.
  • Gaelic Customs and Traditions.  Talk with native Gaelic speakers who have kept the language alive despite generations of English instruction. Learn traditional Irish farming customs including the training and raising of sheepdogs.

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  • Ancient Serenity Meets Modern Freneticism.  With over 38 million people, Tokyo is the largest metropolitan area in the world. From women in the subway dressed in kimonos to traditional sports, like sumo, vying with futuristic robot fights for spectators —Japan pulses with a vibrancy all its own.
  • Spiritual Balance. Temples punctuate the landscape across urban and rural vistas, as Buddhism and Shintoism play key roles in the foundation of modern Japanese culture and mores.
  • Culinary Exploration. No journey to Japan is complete without a deep dive into the subtle complexity of the nation’s cuisine. You’ll slurp, crunch, nibble and devour all the dishes—from aburaage to zaru-soba.

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  • Ancient Medinas. Get lost in some of the oldest winding markets in the world.
  • Earthly Wonders. From glimmering oceans to the vast Sahara, the peaks of the High Atlas to the depths of Todra Gorge, Morocco’s topography will seem like a mirage.
  • Warm Maghreb Hospitality. Stay in charming riads —traditional guesthouses— and interact with locals over home-cooked tagines, baskets of dates, and steaming mint tea.
  • Dunes at Dusk. Ride camels into dramatic sandscapes and spend the night under clear, deep skies deciphering the constellations.

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  • Dark Sky Stargazing. Tired of light pollution obstructing your ability to see the nebula above you? Namibia is the fifth least densely populated country in the world, so you don’t have to worry about ambient city illumination keeping you from constellations and the Milky Way each night.
  • Unparalleled Panoramas.  Glowing sand dunes of Sossusvlei and haunting shipwrecked remains along the Skeleton Coast await you as you explore the ethereal topography.
  • Luxury Transportation. Your local guide will take you through the varied landscapes of this beautiful destination in the highest comfort. Our specially designed land cruisers feature on-board refrigerators and window seats for every passenger. Each night you will stay in five-star luxury tented camps, lodges and hotels fit for royalty.

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  • Storied Trails. Weave colorful memories of snow-capped peaks, massive granite precipices, the dense Amazon tropical jungle basin, and architectural marvels of an extraordinary bygone empire.
  • Archeological Treasure. Take a scenic train to Aguas Calientes, also known as Machu Picchu Pueblo, then walk up an ancient staircase to the crown jewel of the Inca empire, standing proud high in the Andes.
  • Peruvian Cuisine. Dine on fresh ceviche, learn how to make frothy Peruvian pisco sours, and enjoy local cuisine in the mystical colonial town of Cusco.
  • Expert Storytellers. Be regaled with daily talks and tales of one of the world’s greatest civilizations by expert archeologists, historians, and locals during the trek through the Sacred Valley.

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Puerto Rico

  • Travel with Purpose.  Under the leadership of preeminent nonprofits, get involved in areas where Puerto Rico is hard-pressed for help—clearing trails of debris, cleaning beaches, protecting ecology and providing essential services to locals in need of a helping hand.
  • Jumpstart Tourism.  One of the best ways to fast-track Puerto Rico’s recovery is to contribute to the tourism economy, which accounts for nearly a fifth of all jobs on the island—and for good reason. We’ll swim at gorgeous beaches, wander Old San Juan, and taste the Caribbean’s finest at the Bacardi Rum factory!
  • Sand, Surf, and Serve-ezasWe’re doing service in style. Join fellow alumni to play in the Caribbean surf, dive into cool waterfalls, and take a sunset snorkel.
  • Disaster Recovery Expertise.  Learn about the changing global ecosystem leading to increased frequency of storms and the efforts of nonprofits to help impacted communities & environments in need.

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South Africa

  • Another Side of SA.  Enjoy seeing South Africa beyond Cape Town and Kruger. Explore Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Park (Kwazulu Natal) and Umhlanga to see close encounters with nature and friendly interactions with local residents—all just a little different. Perfect for travelers who have come to South Africa before, extensions to Cape Town or Soweto can be added to delve more deeply into the country’s diverse culture and history.
  • Luxurious Relaxation. Thanda Safari Private Game Reserve is one of the leading hotels of the world, giving guests exclusive up-close access to all of Africa’s most beloved wildlife.

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South Korea

  • In the Past, Striding to the Future. Korea holds fast to their traditional customs as they make technological leaps into the future. From hanboks at holidays to video game tournaments being more popular than sporting events, Korea carries an indelible uniqueness.
  • Spiritual Balance. Temples and palaces punctuate the landscape across urban and rural vistas, as Buddhism and the imperial history of the nation play key roles in the foundation of modern Korean culture and social customs.
  • Succulent Sustenance. No journey to the Korean Peninsula is complete without a deep dive into the subtle complexity of the cuisine. Slurp, crunch, nibble and devour all the dishes—from kimchi to bibimbap and beyond.

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  • Antiquities and Adventure.  Explore more pyramids than Egypt as you rumble across the desert, staying in the finest accommodations Sudan has to offer along the way.
  • Astonishing Desert Expanses.  From petrified forest to basalt formations, the sands and dunes give over their secrets to avid photographers hoping to snag snapshots of landscapes that few others have had the chance to glimpse.
  • Dervishes and SouqsSudan has a modern and fascinating culture; experience everyday life of this Islamic nation from the whirling Sufi Dervishes of Khartoum to the souqs and marketplaces that dot the arid landscape.

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  • Ethereal Vistas.  From the rim of a massive caldera, survey a blue-green majesty teaming with wildlife, the Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area offers an incomparable look at the animal kingdom as you drive into the basin.
  • Serengeti Sunsets.  Visit this exotic destination during the most active wildlife season, ripe for some of the best pictures and memories of a lifetime.
  • White Sand & Turquoise Surf. Famously revered as a spice island, Zanzibar is more than cinnamon, vanilla, and ginger; pristine beaches and a glistening waves await you at your luxury beach resort.

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  • Wildlife and Conservation.  Bathe elephants at the sustainable and ethically managed Elephant Nature Park. Snorkel and explore the hidden lagoons and other protected natural beauties in the Andaman Sea. Together, your family will experience the breathtaking natural splendor of Thailand.
  • Spiritual Practice. Thailand is a majority Buddhist country and you will see the grandeur of Buddhist temples and learn about how traditional Buddhist practices infuse daily life in Thailand— from Spirit Houses to monkhood you’ll see the full range of influence.
  • Cultural Exploration.  From national sports like sepak takraw (handless volleyball) and muay thai (Thai kickboxing) to the spicy and sweet flavors of the masterful cuisine, Thailand takes everything your family may be familiar with and turns it on its ear.

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  • Gorillas in the Mist.  Regardless of the weather conditions—sunshine or mist—we will head into the jungles to come nose-to-nose with these highly intelligent animals, the mountain gorillas. (Did you know their nose prints are as unique as our fingerprints?) Learn how to make many of their 25 different calls!
  • Magnificent Landscapes.  Eastern Africa is a patchwork of vibrant verdant hills, valleys, lakes and plains. We’ll experience each from the comfort of our all-terrain safari vehicles with some of the country’s best guides at the wheel.
  • Luxurious Relaxation.  Between game drives, primate treks, rhino sanctuaries and cultural immersion programs, we’ll stay in five-star accommodations and glamorous safari tented-camps under the stars for the ultimate luxury Uganda has to offer.

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