A Voyage of Discovery

Journey to the Heart of Climate Change 

New Zealand & australia Legends Onboard

A Voyage of Discovery

Journey to the Heart of Climate Change

Stewardship Alumni

New Zealand
Sir Graham Henry
Rugby Coach
Sir Graham Henry is widely regarded as one of the greatest coaches in rugby history. It was his tenure as head coach of the All Blacks that defined his career. He was appointed in 2004 and led the team to victory in the 2011 Rugby World Cup. He is widely credited with transforming the All Blacks into one of the most dominant teams in the history of the sport. In recognition of his contribution to rugby, Henry was knighted in 2012. He continues to be involved in the sport as a commentator and mentor to up-and-coming coaches
Peter Hillary
Peter Hillary is a renowned adventurer, environmentalist, and speaker from New Zealand, following in the footsteps of his famous father, Sir Edmund Hillary, who was the first person to climb Mount Everest. Peter has also scaled the world’s highest peak and has completed many other expeditions, including traversing Antarctica, climbing Aconcagua, and reaching the North Pole. Peter is actively involved in environmental efforts and his passion for adventure and commitment to protecting our planet make him an inspiration to many.



Simon Turns Complex Thoughts And Ideas Into Powerful, Million-Dollar Visual Models That Drive Revenue And Growth. A great visual model is really a million-dollar map of someone’s thinking!

Simon’s method of using models to accelerate thinking and elevate influence has spread to over 30 countries and is used in more than nine different languages. His flagship model, The Genius Model ® has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and changed the game of selling forever.

Damon Gameau
Actor & Director
Damon Gameau is an award-winning actor, director, and writer. He has acted in numerous television shows, films, and theatre productions. In 2015, he wrote, directed and starred in the documentary “That Sugar Film,” Australia’s highest earning cinema documentary which raised global awareness of the impact of hidden sugars on people’s health. He is also an advocate for sustainable living and has launched several projects to promote environmental awareness, including the “Regenesis” project.
An Expedition Like No Other

We are thrilled to extend an invitation to business leaders, change makers and passionate travellers to join New Zealand & Australian Legends on an unparalleled adventure to Antarctica. Travelling to Antarctica to witness the impact of climate change can be a powerful motivator for individuals to take action to combat climate change. While some may criticize such a trip as a form of “climate tourism,” the reality is that experiencing the impact of climate change firsthand can have a profound impact on a person’s understanding of the urgency of the issue.

Antarctica is one of the most remote and pristine environments on Earth, yet it is also one of the most vulnerable to climate change. The melting of glaciers and ice sheets in Antarctica are contributing to rising sea levels, which threatens coastal communities and ecosystems around the world.

By visiting Antarctica and seeing the effects of climate change, people can better understand the magnitude of the problem and the need for immediate action.

Additionally, witnessing the beauty and fragility of Antarctica can inspire people to become better stewards of the environment. By seeing the impact of human activity on such a pristine environment, people may be more motivated to reduce their carbon footprint, advocate for policy changes, and support conservation efforts. We call this the power of awe to motivate the small self. Awe is the emotion of transformation. Research has shown that awe makes you humble but also more reverent and more likely to actually take action for things bigger than yourself.

Antarctica is a unique example of responsible tourism, as a government-free land with strict regulations and annual meetings between nations to manage the growing tourism industry, scientific collaborations and environmental threats. While environmentalists may argue that the only truly green course of action is not to go, the flight to Antarctica can be justified as long as travellers are aware of the fragility of the polar ecosystems, and consider the other carbon emissions they create in their daily lives. Tourists have an important role to play as representatives and ambassadors for this final wilderness, which is threatened by climate change and the melting ice.

We have curated some epic facilitators to help us discover, define, develop and deliver impactful solutions for business leaders and change makers to come home and deploy. Never has travel with purpose felt so meaningful and aligned to something bigger than yourself.

Onboard, you have an experience menu to choose from and get as involved as much or as little as you like. We intend to activate a community of like hearted explorers, willing to craft a stewardship manifesto. A collective call to action to contribute to a sustainable future.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to be a real change maker whilst exploring one of the most remote and magical places on earth in the company of New Zealand & Australia’s finest legends and key transformation guides.

Welcome to the Voyage of Discovery: Journey to the Heart of Climate Change. This all-inclusive luxury cruise onboard the brand new World Navigator is designed to inspire and empower you, with a focus on personal growth and development in the context of the need to address climate change. Below are some of the key pillars and touchpoints of this unforgettable journey.
Learn from leading experts about the science and impact of climate change. Attend talks and workshops that delve into the latest research and present innovative solutions to address this urgent challenge.
Give yourself the gift of reflection and relaxation. Participate in guided meditation sessions, journaling exercises, and other activities that encourage self-discovery, self-development, and mindfulness.
Hike across pristine terrain; marvel at snow-capped peaks, colossal blue glaciers, and roaming icebergs—all while gaining a deeper understanding of the impact of climate change on this fragile ecosystem.
Join a group of like-minded travelers who are passionate about making an impact. Share ideas, make connections, and form lasting relationships with fellow change-makers from around the globe.
Leave feeling inspired and empowered to take action in your life and community. Gain resources for reducing your carbon footprint, advocating for climate solutions, and making a positive difference.
Premier Wildlife Sightings
Stroll along ice sheets with fledgling penguin chicks; witness majestic humpback whales and mischievous seals approach your Zodiac boat; snowshoe to gorgeous overlooks while graceful birds, including the blue-eyed shag, albatross and polar skua, fly overhead.
Bewildering Landscapes
This expedition to the Seventh Continent includes the Drake Passage, the South Shetland Islands and the western coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. Cruise among ice-filled fjords and passageways of glacial blue icebergs on an enchanting expedition few people experience.
Luxurious Vessel
Travel in style aboard one of the most luxurious vessels in the polar regions—the World Navigator, an ice-strengthened ship with the latest in power management and propulsion technologies. We are delighted to welcome an extraordinary group of travelers on this voyage.
Days 1-3
Buenos Aires
Arrive in Buenos Aires and spend two nights acclimatising and exploring this extraordinary city before continuing onwards.
Day 4
A sprawling city of colorful buildings framed by the snow-capped Martial Mountains serve as the backdrop for the southernmost city in the world. A mix of historic buildings and rugged nature make this city a welcoming stop for travelers venturing to the Seventh Continent. After an expedited customs process from our private charter landing, enjoy a welcome breakfast and overview of this charming city before boarding the World Navigator.
Days 5-6
Voyage beyond the Beagle Channel and navigate the famed Drake Passage. Petrels and albatrosses that glide across the skies lead the way on this waterway where cold southern ocean meets warm northern sea water. While the waterway is famous for its challenging navigation, you may still get another side of the “Drake Lake,” as on some occasions, the channel is calm and flat. As you emerge from the Drake Passage, the mammoth, icy peaks of the South Shetland Islands loom ahead, greeting you on your victorious landing which is likely to happen before sunset on Day 4. During the crossing, enjoy lectures on the wildlife we can expect to see in the days ahead, as well as expert talks by the seasoned guides on the ship.
Day 7
The South Shetland Islands are silent and serene. Natural wonders like the black and white effect of Deception Island and the peaks of massive glaciers sitting atop the water’s surface inspire awe and admiration – even from the most veteran explorers. The stillness of the Shetland Islands evokes a sense of wilderness left to be discovered. Along the rugged cliffs of Brown Bluff, the exposed portion of a glacial volcano, you can hike to a vantage point over expanses of ice and ocean.

Deception Island, the caldera of an active volcano, creates a black-and- white photo effect with black sands mixed with white snow at Neptune’s Bellows. A dip in the steaming hot springs of a black sand beach feels like an unreal experience amidst the snow-capped mountains backdrop.
Days 8-9
Enjoy three more days of exploration on the White Continent, with an estimated two landings per day, based on weather conditions. From the remarkable blue coloring of glaciers to leopard seals napping on ice floes, the Antarctic Peninsula contains a multitude of wonders to behold. Cormorants soaring high above and orcas breaching the waters below surround you with a magnificent array of wildlife that calls to your inner explorer.

Visit the permanent ice cap at Cuverville which houses Port Lockroy, a flagship historic site for the main base building of Bransfield House. It’s also home to the famed Penguin Post Office, the southernmost post office in the world where you can create unforgettable memories among the Gentoo penguins.

At Neko Harbor, watch for humpback whales as their flukes come above the water and splash back down. Paradise Bay offers a glimpse into scientific research at Argentina’s Almirante Brown Antarctic Base or Chile’s González Videla Antarctic Base. Cruise in zodiacs along icebergs with your expedition guides, and enjoy daily optional activities including kayaking, paddleboarding, and of course, a polar plunge.

Please note, Captain’s Choice ports of call add to the sense of adventure and element of surprise. Your ship’s master will navigate the changing weather conditions as needed to take you to the best areas for wildlife viewing. Captain’s Choice ports include: Deception Island, Paulet Island, Brown Bluff, Neko Harbor, Paradise Bay, Cuverville Island and Goudier Island.
Day 10
Recross the Drake Passage on the journey back to South America. The meeting of warm and cold waters creates an environment that attracts marvelous wildlife and the chance to witness humpback whales and hourglass dolphins that accompany the voyage back home. The soundtrack of the journey through the Drake Passage includes the cry of petrels, skuas, and gulls. We will enjoy another series of lectures and presentations on all the wildlife we have seen throughout the journey. We’ll discuss the conservation of this remarkable part of the planet as well as the stewardship of its land and seas in the years to come.
Day 11
Behold the lush, yet imposing cliff, as you pass Cape Horn, the southerly head of Tierra del Fuego. Enjoy a final lecture and discussion on the conservation of this remote part of the world, and a farewell celebration on the World Navigator.
Day 12

Arrive safely back at port in the morning at the “End of the World,” Ushuaia, Argentina to connect with charter flight back to Buenos Aires. 

Optional add-on adventures across South America or connecting flights back home

Intentional Luxury | Wellness Wonders


Private charter from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia


An adventure for every type of traveler as we land our zodiacs on the ice (weather-dependent)


You’ll sip well with highly-rated Chilean wines, an open bar, and nonalcoholic options in addition to glacier pure water, local juices, and specialty coffees


Wake up each day in a plush bed to sweeping panoramas


Complimentary 24-hour room service and L’Occitane bath, body and hair care products


Work it out with fitness, stretching, wellness and yoga classes and optional spa services


Your palate will be more than pleased


Learn about diverse subjects in the far south such as filmmaking and digital photography in the seventh continent, as well as Antarctic conservation and governance in the years ahead


Leave your wallet alone the entire voyage


Standard wireless internet service throughout the ship when accessible (given the remote destination)

Aboard the World Navigator
  • 2 nights accommodation in Buenos Aires
  • Charter flights to and from Ushuaia
  • 10 day, 9 night voyage with accommodation in a shared cabin with private facilities and balcony
  • All Zodiac landings and excursions
  • Exploration and climate programming
  • Special edition expedition parka
  • Use of rubber boots and necessary expedition equipment
  • Private guides and lectures by our English-speaking expedition leaders
  • Educational presentations, lectures, and activities aboard the ship
  • All meals aboard – breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon snacks
  • Unlimited premium pours of beer, wine, spirits, speciality coffee, tea, and soda
  • Welcome champagne reception
  • Comprehensive cultural information and reading materials
  • Standard wireless internet throughout the ship
  • Medical evacuation insurance up to $200,000 USD
  • All gratuities, service taxes, and port fees
  • Flights/transportation to and from Buenos Aires
  • Optional ship activities (kayaking, snowshoeing, paddle boarding)
  • Transportation of luggage in excess of weight allowance
  • Travel insurance (strongly recommended)
  • Food and beverage other than that specified in itinerary
  • Expenses of a purely personal nature
  • Costs associated with trip interruption or modification due to weather, travel conditions, political/civil disputes, medical emergencies, or other causes beyond our control
Optional Extensions
Discover the historic Inca Trail, a winding path across the Andes with views of snow-capped mountains, enormous granite cliffs, and the Amazon tropical jungle basin. While we tour the best of Peru’s ancient wonders, including a full day at Machu Picchu, the fabled “Lost City of the Incas,” get ready to make lifetime friends and acquire amazing experiences. A variety of walking and trekking options with breathtaking vistas are available. Meet some new friends and possibly some alpacas and llamas while listening to the combination of African, Andean, and Spanish music. We will also eat fresh ceviche and discover how to make frothy drinks.
Storied Trails
Learn the history of Peru on guided walks through architectural marvels of an extraordinary empire.
Take a scenic train to Aguas Calientes, at the foot of Machu Picchu. Climb up an ancient staircase to reach the crown jewel of the Inca empire, standing proud high in the Andes.
Dine on fresh ceviche, learn how to make Peruvian pisco sours, and enjoy local delicacies in the colonial town of Cusco and the cosmopolitan food-centric city of Lima.
Meet with scholars and local cultural and development organizations. Hear tales of one of the world’s greatest civilizations by expert archaeologists and historians during the trek through the Sacred Valley.
Iguazu Falls
Be ready for warm, humid weather and a brand-new variety of amazing creatures. We will embark to Iguazu, a mystical location dubbed one of the world’s natural wonders for its stunning, verdant splendor. We will take part in both land- and water-based tours to learn more about the two national parks that Iguazu Falls encompasses. Iguazu National Park, together with its Brazilian sister park Iguaçu, is one of the most visually and sonically beautiful places on earth. It is situated in Misiones Province in the northeastern tip of Argentina and borders the state of Parana to the north. The fact that it was included on the World Heritage List in 1984 serves as a powerful reminder of the splendor of our planet.
World’s Largest Waterfall System
Explore the several viewpoints of the Falls, including the most well-known, La Garganta del Diablo (The Devil’s Throat).
Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls
Take in a 360-degree vista that transports you to the water’s edge.
Our Partners
Charity Partner
The Hillary Institute of International Leadership aims to identify and support emerging leaders who have the potential to make a positive impact on society and the environment. The institute trains leaders to create change and tackle diverse global challenges such as climate change, social justice, and sustainable development.
Additional Partners
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