commitment to our clients

Insider Expeditions is a family-owned travel company that develops and leads exceptional enrichment travel. Our commitment of providing world-class service to our clients is our highest priority.

From tour conception and marketing strategies to tour implementation and program evaluation, we partner with our clients to make sure they are included at every stage and ensure that their expectations are exceeded.



world-class customer service

Insider Expeditions pays attention to the little details that make any journey extraordinary.

We provide early engagement materials for each program, including a relevant recommended reading/watch list, an extensive pre-trip orientation package, and a travel journal.

Itineraries themselves are filled with exclusive opportunities not feasible through independent travel or with another operator. Our superior network of global contacts—from presidents to poets, prestigious universities to rural communities—helps us to create unparalleled experiences.



engaging travel community


We provide travelers with opportunities to meaningfully engage with experts, tour leaders, fellow travelers and communities.

Our “Insiders” participate in relevant discussions and interactive activities, whether on land or at sea, that supplement our programs.

We embrace the growing desire of groups to participate in service learning travel as part of their experiences abroad. Many of our itineraries contain a service component in local communities, honoring both our traveler’s interests and our commitment to the communities we visit.


trusted networks

As travel professionals, we are plugged-in to global networks that allow us to stay abreast of trends and tricks-of-the-trade to bring to our clients the best experiences possible.  Insider Expeditions is a proud member of: