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Taking The Path Less Traveled

Over the last 15 years, we have curated more than 500 unforgettable experiences for our clients across all 7 continents for all kinds of groups.


We work with our clients to curate the most epic itineraries to everywhere and anywhere. There is no place too far and no idea too crazy.

obsess over the details

Know where you want to go? Our team of travel experts will take care of the rest. Research, logistics, communication, you name it – we’ve got it covered.

Bring it to life

From dreams to reality, we are with you every step of the way. We always have dedicated trip hosts onsite to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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2. Connect with our team

After we receive your questionnaire, we’ll reach out to introduce ourselves and confirm any final details.

3. sit back & relax

We’ll take it from here! Get ready to go on the trip of a lifetime and we will take care of the rest.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Featured Trips

BUCKET LIST SAFARI IN TANZANIA with tennis legends john & patrick mcenroe


We've Curated Incredible Experiences

Here's what some of our travelers have to say.

"I have been on three trips across three separate continents, and each one has been original and extraordinary, and a chance to network and brainstorm with like-minded entrepreneurs. Where are we going next?"
Jon Kling
“This was one of the best trips I’ve taken in my whole entire life, and I travel quite frequently. The people, the itinerary, the coordination—it was all excellent. I really felt like we were having a once in a lifetime experience—making new friends, seeing new sights, and just getting to enjoy local life, not the touristy pieces.”
Amanda Seffner
“Insider took us to Brazil for a behind the scenes look at Carnival, as well as to tour their natural wonders and beaches. It was an extraordinary trip and we will definitely travel with you again.”
Ari Altman
“The trip itself was a dream come true—action packed with event after event, organized as much as it could have been for Cuba. I’m so grateful to you for helping me fulfill one of my bucket list items, and for exceeding my expectations of what the trip would be!”
Elliot Castor
“Our heads are filled with kaleidoscopic impressions from our travels in China. Photographs help to rediscover the places and people and adventures of 19 eventful, exhilarating days. But the most lasting images are engraved in our hearts. Thank you for your enormous part in creating experiences which have reshaped our understanding of the world.”
Laurel Nelson
“I’ve been gushing about it since I got back, one of the best trips of my life.”
Simone Barnswell
“I have traveled many times to the Far East, but never was the “inside scoop” as accessible and fun as with you. We have memories of a lifetime and are grateful for a wonderful journey.”
Maggie Millsteam
“Your guides were superb. And I really appreciated the little surprises along the way.”
Jason Daniels
“I have traveled on over ten trips with my university alumni group, but this I have to say was the best. It was tailor-made, we had great engagement with fellow local alumni, and I felt like you really went above and beyond to make it tailored to our group.”
Erica Wine
“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Our program in Argentina was delicious and divine. Every single detail was planned out and you far exceeded our expectations.”
Nicole Sinclair
“The planners should be give a lifetime achievement award for packing in so many awesome things for a sizable group. Major props!”
Carroll Berekely
“I have traveled alone to several countries in my lifetime but to experience isolated places with [this group] was the best decision I could have ever made. Not only did I have any amazing experience but now I have an incredible family.”
Ashley Kroger
“By far the most fun I’ve ever had traveling with a group!”
Chad Fellner
“Quite simply these trips are changing my life—each in its own unique way.
Eric Davidson
“It was a blessing to have an opportunity to go there with all the planning and travel taken care of in the way that you did. Bravo! We will travel with you again.
Jonathan Bailey
“If I ever have children, I’m sure the birth of my first child will top this, but until then this is the most amazing day of my life.”
Jennie Rosenthal