Insider Expeditions is an industry leader in unique and experiential group travel. We have been curation Eclipse Expeditions for more than 12 years. We are thrilled to expand our efforts through a new partnership with the renowned Dr. Kate Russo, an Australian Author, Psychologist and Eclipse Chaser. 

You do not see a total eclipse – you experience it. There are changes above you, around you, and within you.

Dr. Kate Russo

Kate has been an eclipse chaser for two decades, and is a leading authority on the human experience of totality.  Her dynamic speaking events and media appearances have inspired many to get into the path of totality to chase their first total solar eclipse.   

Kate has been leading sold-out eclipse tours since 2015, and offers a unique and refreshing perspective to astronomical travel.   Her invaluable expertise and our shared philosophy of curating exceptional group eclipse experiences will enable us to curate unforgettable opportunities in the path of totality to Antarctica in 2021, Australia in 2023, North America in 2024, and beyond.

The mission of our unique Eclipse Expeditions is to form an eclipse chasing community that allows us to feel connected to our world and eachother.  

Join us, alongside like-minded fellow voyagers, as we journey to share the most awe-inspiring and transformative celestial moments in the shadow of the Moon. 



Dr Kate Russo  is an Author, Psychologist and Eclipse Chaser, previously based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, now based in her home region of North Queensland, Australia.  She has been chasing eclipses since 1999, and was due to see her 13th total solar eclipse in 2020 before the pandemic impacted upon worldwide travel.  

A Clinical Psychologist and phenomenological researcher by profession, Kate has made it her mission to understand why seeing a total solar eclipse is so frequently described as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Kate bridges the gap between psychology and astronomy by researching the eclipse experience, and communicating this widely in her many presentations and media.  She has published several books, including Total Addiction:  The Life of an Eclipse Chaser;  and Being in the Shadow:  Stories of the First-Time Total Eclipse Experience.  

Kate is also renowned for her leadership on community eclipse planning.  After identifying gaps in preparations for the 2012 total eclipse occurring in her home region, she devised a strategy and relocated to the remote Faroe Islands to guide preparations for the 2015 total eclipse.  Further detailed analysis of the lessons learned in 2015 then led to her developing a White Paper on Community Eclipse Planning, which was used across the US in preparation for the total eclipse of 2017.  She continues to advise tourism and government authorities on preparing communities within the path of totality to fully embrace the opportunity of a lifetime.  

Kate believes a total solar eclipse is not just an astronomical event, but is a nature event that can be appreciated by all.  She encourages everyone to follow her lead and experience the awe and wonder of being in the Moon’s shadow. 






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